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Applicant Tracking.

Shared candidate notes for recruiting teams.

Why do I need this?

40% of your searches are repeat searches. Every time you search for candidates, you start from scratch and waste time reading candidate profiles you saw before.

How does this work?

You take candidate notes on Linkedin. We take your notes to Google Search and share them with your team. You all find faster.


Who needs this?

Recruiters and sales gurus who need to keep track of their candidates. If you X-ray search Linkedin with specific queries, you must know the pain to recognize your candidates out of a bunch of purple search results.

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Add Candidate to the Pipeline

While on Linkedin, Save the current candidate status (contacted, rejected, pending) and a Note with their related info to their Linkedin profile. Just click the extension icon.

Create Note

Search Results -> Candidates

On Google Search, your candidates will be tagged with their candidate status in search results. Click on the status tag to expand it and see the attached Note.

View candidates in Search

Candidate Status

Candidate status tags are the secret sauce to faster sourcing. Choose from (scanned, favorite, contacted, rejected, pending) and update the status when relevant.

Closed Note


Write the relevant info about your candidate in a Note once and it's saved in google search forever.

Expanded Note


Get notified about a candidate in your pipeline, when you visit their profile on Linkedin. Just take a quick look at the extension icon. Click the icon to view/update your candidate status and note.



An ATS built on top of the search engine. An overview of all your candidates filtered by their status. Keep track of your talent pipeline and manage/update your candidates. Dashboard is always 1 click away while you are searching.



Timestamp is a tag with your last visit time. It appears automatically beside previously visited links to give your search a time context. No need to search through your history.



Highlight your favorite candidates in search results to recognize them faster. It's better than bookmarks!


Re-find candidates

Instead of messy bookmarks, WhenX helps you identify profiles you have seen before, when you see them on Linkedin or when you search for them.

Avoid irrelevant links

A timestamp with a recent date like 'yesterday' or '8 hours ago' helps you avoid opening profiles you recently explored, hence saves time reading them.

Notes that follow you

Instead of taking notes on another app, Your WhenX Note will show up while you are sourcing. Any other note won't.

Keeps your privacy

WhenX uses your local browser history, locally. Your history is not sent to any server and doesn't leave your local machine.




For testing the easiest way of candidate tracking.

  • 10 candidate notes You can add unlimited notes, but you can only access the newest 10.

  • Limited timestamps Available for 10 searches per day.

  • Limited dashboard

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Keep a bird's eye view of your candidates on Linkedin and Google Search.

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For recruiting teams. View and collaborate on your teammates notes.

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