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Google Search.
On Steroids.

Supercharged searching for

Why do I need this?

40% of your searches are repeat searches. Every time you search for the same topic, you start from scratch and waste time reading pages you saw before.

How does this work?

You search. We add tags that guide you. You find faster.


Who needs this?

Folks who do a lot of business searching and need to keep track of their searching progress. Whether you search for Linkedin profiles, earning reports, business leads, real estate, research papers or programming questions, you know the pain.

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Timestamp is a tag with your last visit time. It appears automatically beside previously visited links to give your search a time context. No need to search through your history.



Write the relevant info about your candidate in a Note once and it's saved in google search forever. Know your links!

Expanded Note

Candidate Status

Save the status of candidates (contacted, rejected, pending) and their related info to their Linkedin profile.

Closed Note


Highlight your favorite search results to recognize them faster. It's better than bookmarks!


Re-find websites

Instead of messy bookmarks, WhenX helps you identify webpages you have seen before, when you search for them.

Avoid irrelevant links

A timestamp with a recent date like 'yesterday' or '8 hours ago' helps you avoid opening pages you recently explored, hence saves time reopening them.

Notes on web pages

Instead of taking notes on another app, Your WhenX Note will popup if you come across the page or the link. Any other note won't.

Keeps your privacy

WhenX uses your local browser history, locally. Your history is not sent to any server and doesn't leave your local machine.




For validating WhenX as a professional searching tool.

  • Limited Timestamps available for 10 searches per day

  • Up to 10 Notes

  • Up to 100 Likes

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For recruiters, real estate brokers, sales and heavy duty searchers.

  • Unlimited Timestamps

  • Unlimited Notes

  • Unlimited Likes

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